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Double D Dog Training provides private, in-your-home dog training right in Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas.  While we will do the training sessions in the comfort of your own home, we also provide socialization and walking practice sessions at local dog-friendly places. We encourage the whole family to attend the training sessions, as this helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog. By using positive reinforcement, reward-based training, Double D Dog Training will help your dog create new and positive associations with the world that will help make your dog a happier and more confident pup!                     “Dog Training Fun For The Whole Family

We rescued our dog from a shelter and he was a runner. He had got out the front door a couple times and took off running through out the neighborhood. After training with Dean, Charkie is doing great! One of our kids accidentally let him out the front door recently and I was able to call him back to the house! This was a huge victory for us in addition to all the other skills we learned from Dean.

Lacey & Jeremiah C.

Dean is our very own dog whisperer! His love of dogs is apparent, and our dogs absolutely adored him. When I contacted Dean for help training with Hazel, our 5 month old mini golden doodle, I was a little concerned she was going to be a difficult case. After our very first session, Dean had me convinced otherwise and Hazel proved to be a model student. I love the positive reinforcement training model Dean uses to train, and Hazel responded beautifully. Dean was super flexible with scheduling our sessions and it was wonderful to have the one-on-one instructions at our home. In a time where social distancing and mask wearing pose training challenges, Dean made it work for us and I’m proud to say that Hazel successfully completed her training with flying colors. I highly recommend Double D Dog Training for anything from basic skills to advanced training.

Lori C.

Dean is a fantastic dog trainer! Our sweet Gypsy loved seeing him walk through the door. He has a great work ethic and truly knows what he’s doing! I’m very happy with his training techniques! I’d highly recommend Dean for the job!

Debbie F.

3 Top Reasons to Choose In-home Dog Obedience Training Given the world we currently live in, many people are buying, adopting and rescuing dogs and are unsure which is the best or most ideal way to get training for their dog. As some training places regroup and put in place …

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