The #1 Tip For Walking an Excited Dog

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We have all had an excited dog at one time or another…

After all, I think dogs have “cornered” the happiness and excitement genre of life.

That is why we love them. 😉

If I just had an ounce of my dog’s energy and joy, I could get a lot more done around my house!

But, it makes them difficult to deal with, on occasion, when their energy level and excitement leads to their inability to control themselves.

I liken dogs to toddlers a lot! I think they are so similar in so many ways.

So before you go losing your temper, understand that taking your dog for a walk is like taking your 3 year old child to the zoo or to Chuck E. Cheese’s and expecting him or her not to get excited.

So then, how do you deal with an overexcited dog when you want to take them on a walk?

First off you must teach them manners and how to control themselves.

Just like we have expectations for our children as they age and we are constantly teaching them, so must we also have expectations for our dogs and be constantly teaching them what we want!

And, leash manners and walking nicely on leash should be a teaching priority!

Letting him pull you until your arm hurts creates a bad habit that neither of you should have to endure.

And, remember that habits are hard to break.

But, sometimes we want to take our dogs for walks or our children out to dinner before they have completely mastered all of their learning.

What is the best trick or tip to having a successful and enjoyable walk?

Wear your dog out first!

A tired dog is much less excitable and much more controllable!

People often tell me that the second half of a long walk is much more enjoyable than the first half.


It is because the dog is more tired and over the hump of being excited.

Why not use that to your advantage?

The majority of people think that taking their dog for a walk IS the exercise and IS the best way to wear them out physically.

Walking is actually not the best way to a tired dog.

So before you go to take your dog on a stroll, throw the ball for him for 10 or 20 minutes, run him next to your bike, or teach him a new trick or game (mental stimulation works, too).

Then you can both enjoy a walk and he won’t be pulling your arm out of its socket!

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