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Double D Dog Training provides private, in-home dog training right in Leon Springs, Texas.  While we will do the private training sessions 1-on-1 in the comfort of your own home, we also provide socialization and walking practice sessions at local dog-friendly places. We encourage the whole family to attend the training sessions, as this helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog. By using positive reinforcement, reward-based training, Double D Dog Training will help your dog create new and positive associations with the world that will help make your dog a happier and more confident pup!          “Dog Training Fun For The Whole Famil

Before Dean came, our dog Hank hated his crate, barked all night long, used the potty inside, and jumped on our guests. After numerous reviews on several companies we decided to give Dean a call. After the first session, he was already a different pup and he already learned commands. The first night after Dean came, we actually were able to go to sleep with very limited barking! After the second session, his barking stopped all together and he even enjoyed his crate. Four sessions later, he knows so many commands, he loves his crate and he’s potty trained! My husband and I made the right choice to go with Dean. His experience and his teachings taught not only Hank but us as well. 

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Dean is hands down the absolute best dog trainer around! We introduced our puppy Charlie into the family, but he was initially having a hard time adjusting to his new life. Dean stepped in and helped Charlie gain his confidence by learning new commands, tricks, and manners. He was also so helpful in explaining to us what we should and should not be doing as new puppy parents. Now, Charlie is a totally different puppy thanks to Dean!! We are so grateful for you and all that you taught our boy!


Dean was fantastic with Griffey and the entire family. I have an 8 year old son that is recovering from being attacked by a stray dog when he was 5 years old. We thought getting a puppy and having a great trainer would help our son. On the first couple visits, Dean noticed how distant our son was. However, after the first couple sessions with Dean we practiced what he taught us with the dog and we noticed our son became closer to the dog. By the third and fourth sessions with Dean, our son and pup are doing well. We were so happy with Dean that we signed up for his advanced training!

Jean C.

 Dogs are smart, curious creatures. Whenever they feel bored, they start exploring things around them, and I am sure you don’t like the trouble that comes with their house exploring session. It is best to keep them busy in learning activities.    We ignore the fact that mental stimulation for …

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