Dog training in
Helotes, Texas

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Double D Dog Training provides private 1-on-1, in-home dog training in Helotes, Texas.  While we will do the training sessions in the comfort of your own home, we also provide socialization and walking practice sessions at local establishments. We encourage the whole family to attend the training sessions, as this helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog. By using positive reinforcement, reward-based training, Double D Dog Training will help your dog create new and positive associations with the world that will help make your dog a happier and more confident pup!                                                   “Dog Training Fun For The Whole Family 

A great learning experience with Double D Dog Training! Dean was great with us and our four month old Pembroke Corgi puppy Katie!! Thank you Dean!

Donna G. B.

I worked with Dean using his puppy program to help set a good foundation for our then 10 week old Great Dane puppy. We have experience with the breed, but I could tell she was going to have a boisterous personality and I wanted to ensure that we set her up for success. With just a few sessions Heidi was a different pup and able to sit, stay, leave it, touch, shake, high five, and more on command. Dean also provided some great handouts so I can continue working with her along with some enrichment activity ideas. Highly recommend!

Samantha H.

I had a great experience with Dean! He was very helpful in teaching me effective training methods and holding me accountable to practice them! Ultimately, it’s as much about training the owners as the pets! He was great with my Golden Retriever and she LOVED him! His prices are reasonable and I highly appreciate his consultation call BEFORE paying anything. He was accommodating to my schedule and was easy to communicate with. Would definitely recommend Dean’s services to anyone!

Katherine A.

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