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Double D Dog Training provides private, in-home dog training in Stone Oak, Texas.  While we will do the training sessions in the comfort of your own home, we also provide socialization and walking practice sessions at local establishments. We encourage the whole family to attend the training sessions, as this helps strengthen the bond between you and your dog. By using positive reinforcement, reward-based training, Double D Dog Training will help your dog create new and positive associations with the world that will help make your dog a happier and more confident pup!                                                    “Dog Training Fun For The Whole Family

Dean is great. Me and my wife loved working with him. Our dog is definitely not easy to work with but Dean managed it great. Our dog changed completely from the first session and she just keeps improving. Dean’s training and tips work every time. Thanks for taking the challenge of making our lives much better. Highly recommended

Angel A.

We had an amazing experience with Double D Dog Training. Huxley is a wonderful sweet dog but had challenges with fear aggression and would try to defend our home as much as a 6 lb ball of fluff can…Dean helped us understand that Hux needed more boundaries, activity and mental stimulation to build his self-confidence. Through his patient instruction, he not only earned Huxley’s trust but he has helped us learn how to make Huxley feel safe with strangers. Dean was knowledgable, engaging and passionate about helping to create better human-dog bonds. He quickly assessed our problems and recommended solutions that allowed us to start seeing results after the first session. I highly recommend him!

Emily S.

After adopting a dog recently, we quickly realized he needed more training than what we could provide to him ourselves. After doing some research, we decided to choose Double D Dog Training. The 4-week Basic Obedience course is packed with training and information. Any question we had, he answered. Dean’s insight and knowledge, as well as his training skills, are top notch. Very highly recommend Double D Dog Training!


Obesity in dogs is a growing concern and a major health issue affecting a significant number of pets. It is estimated that over 50% of dogs in the United States are overweight or obese. This is harmful to their health and can reduce their lifespan and quality of life.  The …

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