3 Top Reasons to Choose In-home Dog Obedience Training

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3 Top Reasons to Choose In-home Dog Obedience Training

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Given the world we currently live in, many people are buying, adopting and rescuing dogs and are unsure which is the best or most ideal way to get training for their dog.

As some training places regroup and put in place measures to address the current crisis by implementing COVID protocols, you should consider what types of dog training is available and which one is the best for you and your pup!

Currently there are several dog training options available from online, group classes and private in-home. Below are three reasons why private in-your-home dog training is the best for you!

First and foremost, you and your dog are doing training in the privacy of your own home.  While dog trainers are practicing COVID-19 protocols by wearing masks and social distancing, the ability to do training in-home is a great way to go! If you have a backyard, that is an excellent place to do the dog obedience training.  If you live in an apartment, you can still practice the same protocols or even do the training in a local area park.

Another great reason for private in-home dog obedience training is that it’s just you and your trainer. As with most private trainers, you will get personalized attention and focus on just you and your dog.

Another reason to choose private in-home dog training is the fact that you can work on many additional things along with the obedience behaviors. If you have potty issues, want to work on crate training or other behavior problems, private training offers the opportunity to help.  I know in my own dog training, business many times clients mention  behaviors that are not a part of the training program, but I am more than willing to help them out and work on those specific behaviors.  

Another benefit of private in-home training is that if you have multiple dogs that you would like to have trained at the same time that is an ideal way to get them trained in their own environment with time and focus just on them. Many times the trainer will offer a multiple dog discount as well.

In summary, private in-your-home dog obedience training during these unprecedented times is a perfect training option for you and your dog!

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