Top 5 Benefits of Microchipping your Dog

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Whether you have just started puppy training or are the proud owner of an older dog, there are many benefits of microchipping your dog. Microchips are placed under your pet’s skin using a special device at your veterinarian’s office, shelter or rescue. This chip is approximately the size of a grain of rice and is used for identification purposes. While there are many reasons to get your pet microchipped, here are the top 5 benefits of microchipping your dog.


While collars and ID tags can be lost, microchips serve as a permanent form of identification. Once implanted, the device will remain with your pet for the rest of their life. Microchips are usually placed between your dog’s shoulder blades. However, they can sometimes migrate after placement. If you’d like to check the location of your pet’s microchip, you can always have your veterinarian scan your dog at their yearly wellness appointment. 

2- can help reunite lost pets

Microchips are essential for keeping your pet safe if they become lost or separated from you. Veterinary offices and animal shelters will scan lost pets for microchips so they can get in touch with the pet’s owner. A study examining the number of lost dogs reunited with their owners found that dogs with registered microchips were twice as likely to be returned home.

For this reunification tool to work, you must make sure you register your pet’s microchip with the microchip company. When your veterinarian implants the microchip, they will give you the microchip number and instructions for registering your dog. The microchip company will keep your contact information on file in case it is ever needed. If you move or change your phone numbers, always make sure to contact the microchip company to update your information.


In the unfortunate event that your dog is stolen, microchips are a great way to prove ownership. They can also be a way to sort out any accidental mixups at the groomer or doggy daycare. While your pet’s physical features or other external identifiers can be altered, a microchip cannot be tampered with. Microchip companies put many security measures in place to make sure only the dog’s owner can change the contact information for the microchip. 

5- the process is safe and relatively pain-free

Microchipping is a quick and safe procedure. Your veterinarian, as well as shelters and rescues will use a special device to insert the microchip under your dog’s skin. This procedure can be done at a routine wellness visit or during one of your dogs visits. The process is quick and relatively pain-free. Your dog will only feel a slight poke, similar to a vaccine shot.

5- Protects your personal information

When it comes to your pet’s microchip, your personal information is safe! The only information that is stored on the chip is the identification number. A veterinarian or animal shelter will use this reference number to contact the microchip company and report the pet as lost or stolen. Only the microchip company has access to your personal information to ensure your information remains secure.  

Final Thoughts

Microchipping is a great way to help keep your dog safe throughout their life. Make sure you register the chip as soon as possible and always keep your contact information up to date. If you have any additional questions about microchips or dog training, please let us know! 


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