Adoption from Shelter vs. Buying from a Breeder: Pros and Cons

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If you’re thinking of bringing a new furry friend home, great! I’m sure you feel ready for that responsibility, but where do you start?

The search for a canine companion is not always so simple, maybe you have in mind what kind of dog you want but, which is the best place to get your new friend?



Although the phrase “buy a dog” sounds cold and distant, it really isn’t, there are many people who want a specific breed either to fit well into their family, their lifestyle or maybe they need a specific size dog for space reasons, etc.

You can also see it this way, you are saving a dog from being in a cage and dogs are not to blame for being in that situation and it also counts as a rescue!

Benefits of buying a dog

  • You can make sure that the dog is exactly as you imagined (breed, size, age, etc.)

  • You will know your puppy’s history. Responsible breeders will find the best pairs to have puppies, that are healthy, and that are good representations of the breed.

  • You will know your puppy’s parents and their health history.

  • The breeder will help you to choose a puppy that is ideal for you.

  • You will always have expert help: good breeders care about their puppies even when they already have a family and will offer you advice when you need it.

Disadvantage of buying a dog


  • Not all breeders are responsible experts, sometimes they encourage a business that most of the time is cruel to animals.

  • Non-responsible breeders usually have pregnant dogs to which they are constantly selling their puppies and the circle repeats itself. As soon as they are ready they get them pregnant again.

  • Non-responsible breeders are only interested in money, and see the sale and exploitation of animals as an industry.



Adoption is not about finding an ideal dog, but about giving a home to one of the many dogs in shelters that were rescued from the street, abandoned or unwanted.

Advantages of dog adoption

  • You will be able to save a defenseless animal that is or has been in a street situation.

  • You give it the opportunity to live a dignified life as a pet.

  • You can also choose. In the shelters there are varieties of dogs, you can choose the one you think you can keep at home and the one you feel can be adapted to your family.

  • Shelters can give you information about the animals because they know them well.

  • Dogs that have been abandoned or have gone through difficult situations value sincere love and know how to reward it.

Disadvantages of adoption

  • Difficult character. When a dog goes through a difficult situation in the streets, they are usually a little aggressive or react badly in certain scenarios.

  • Mistreatment. If they suffered mistreatment they can have some traumas that are difficult to overcome (but with love and patience can make anything possible)

  • Adult dogs. Most animals in shelters are adults, so if you intend to adopt a puppy it may be more difficult.


Now that you know the difference between buying a dog and adopting it, you can make a better decision to adopt a dog with a difficult past that needs love or to choose a dog that, although is in a responsible place, still deserves a home and a family.



Good luck with your new dog!


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